SISBC Founder

Ranjit Singh Dhaliwal – Founder & Chairman

Mr. Ranjit Singh Dhaliwal moved to Sweden in 1990, carrying with him a profound love for Indian traditions and a deep connection to the rich culture of Punjab. His journey in Europe has been marked by a passionate commitment to preserving and promoting Punjabi heritage. Since 1998, Ranjit has been a cornerstone in the cultural landscape, organizing over 90 events across Europe, each designed to provide a platform for talented individuals from around the world.

Ranjit’s vision is to create opportunities for cultural exchange and to showcase the vibrancy of Punjabi traditions on a global stage. One of his flagship events is the Singh International Solo Bhangra Competition (SISB), a unique pageant that highlights the exhilarating art of Bhangra. Through SISB, Ranjit aims to celebrate and spread the dynamic spirit of Punjabi dance and music, fostering a greater appreciation for this cultural treasure.

Beyond SISB, Ranjit has been instrumental in organizing a variety of prestigious events that have made significant impacts in the cultural community. These include Miss & Mrs. India Europe, Miss & Mrs. Europe Punjaban, Pair of the Year, Ajja Nach Ley, Europe’s Got Talent, and the India 0km Food & Culture Festival. Each of these events not only showcases talent but also serves as a celebration of Indian heritage, bringing together communities to enjoy and honor their shared traditions.

The India 0km Food & Culture Festival, for instance, is a vibrant celebration that highlights the richness of Indian cuisine and cultural practices, drawing large crowds and fostering a sense of unity and pride among participants and attendees. Through such events, Ranjit has created a bridge between cultures, enabling people of diverse backgrounds to experience the beauty of Punjabi and Indian traditions.

Ranjit’s love for Bhangra is particularly noteworthy. As a dedicated enthusiast, he has worked tirelessly to promote this energetic and joyous dance form worldwide. His efforts have not only brought Bhangra to the forefront of cultural celebrations in Europe but have also inspired many young dancers to embrace their cultural roots and express themselves through dance.

Under Ranjit’s leadership, these events have become more than just competitions; they are cultural festivals that celebrate the arts, foster community spirit, and promote cultural awareness. His dedication to the arts is evident in the quality and success of the events he organizes, which continue to grow in popularity and prestige each year.

Ranjit Singh Dhaliwal’s work is a testament to his commitment to cultural preservation and promotion. His events provide invaluable opportunities for artists to shine and for audiences to experience the richness of Punjabi culture. Through his vision and dedication, Ranjit has made a lasting impact on the cultural landscape of Europe and beyond, ensuring that the traditions of Punjab continue to thrive and inspire future generations.