SISBC Brand Ambassdor

Ravinder Ranguwal-The Brand Ambassador!

We are honored and blessed to have Mr. Ravinder Singh Ranguwal as our Brand Ambassador and Director of the Pageant. Mr. Ranguwal is a renowned name in the Bhangra world, and now he is part of our unique event, the Singh International Solo Bhangra Competition.

Mr. Ranguwal.

  • Media Director and President, Punjab Cultural Society
  • Video Director, Writer, Patron of Punjabi Sahit Academy
  • Music Director, Folk Dancer, Folk Singer, Choreographer, and Convenor.

Accomplishments and Contributions:

Ravinder Singh Ranguwal is a multifaceted artist with a prolific career spanning various roles. As a media director, writer, and patron of Punjabi Sahit Academy, his contributions to Punjabi culture are profound. He is also a celebrated music director, folk dancer, singer, choreographer, and convenor, earning numerous awards at international, national, and regional levels in folk dance and music competitions.

International Representation:

Ravinder has represented India in 31 countries, including Canada, the USA, New Zealand, Australia, Hungary, Germany, and more. Notably, he secured first place at the International Babylon Folk Dance Festival, competing against participants from 45 countries. He has performed at Debrecen University in Hungary and Thamar University in Yemen, in shows organized by the Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India.

Recognitions and Judging Roles:

Ravinder has been felicitated seven times by the Parliament of Canada for his work in promoting Punjabi culture. He participated in the International Punjabi Literature, Culture, and Language Conference at California State University, Fresno, USA. He has also served as a judge for numerous international competitions, including the International Punjabi Folk Dance Competition in Toronto (2009), Jawani Bhangra Competition in Toronto (2011), Bhangra Competition in Edmonton (2012), Caribbean Medical University in Chicago (2015), and a Bhangra competition in Las Vegas (2019). He has judged cultural events at various esteemed institutions in India, including Panjab University, Punjabi University, GADVASU, PTU, Baba Farid University, and Guru Nanak Dev University.

Coaching and Training:

As a Bhangra coach, Ravinder has trained over 12,000 students. Under his guidance, many college teams have won first positions in Bhangra competitions. He founded the Punjab Cultural Society in 1998, recognized by the Government of India, and has organized workshops for Punjabi folk dance, music, and instruments across the globe, including at the Embassy of India in Budapest, Hungary, and various locations in Canada and the USA.

Media and Cultural Promotion:

Ravinder has directed documentaries on Bhangra, Giddha, Jhumar, Sammi, and Folk Orchestra for Punjabi University, Patiala. He has participated in programs on Delhi Doordarshan, Jalandhar Doordarshan, Lucknow Doordarshan, Zee TV, PTC Punjabi, ETC Punjabi, and more. His Bollywood contributions include working on the film ‘Shaheed Bhagat Singh’ starring Bobby Deol and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. As a director, he has created 600 music video albums and five short films. He has also convened the Punjabi Bhawan’s annual Lohri Mela in Ludhiana for 20 years, celebrating and promoting respect for girls through cultural festivities.

Awards and Honors:

  • 2022 & 2023: Best Bhangra Master Award by Singh Digital Media House, Sweden.
  • 2021: Master of Bhangra honor bye Miss Europe Punjaban 2020, Europe.
  • 2019: Contribution to Punjabi Culture Award by Hon. Kamal Khera, M.P., on behalf of the Government of Canada.
  • 2019: Outstanding Contributions in Promoting Punjabi Culture Globally by Hon. Morris Jackson, USBank, Las Vegas, USA.
  • 2017: Best Video Director Award by Music Waves Productions, Canada.
  • 2015: Award of Honour and Letter of Appreciation by the Dean, College of Agriculture, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.
  • 2010: Certificate of Recognition by Hon. Navdeep Singh Bains, M.P., Mississauga Brampton South, Canada.
  • 2009 & 2010: Contributions to Punjabi Culture Award by Hon. Gurbax Singh Mali, M.P., Canada.
  • 2005: Maan Punjab Da Award by Zee TV Channel.
  • 2004: Lok Kalawan Puraskar at Prof. Mohan Singh Mela, Ludhiana.
  • 2004: Naitik Mulya Prahri Award by ‘Shoonya’ Social Institution, Saharanpur.
  • 2004: Sanjh Dilan Di Award from ETC and Zee Alpha channels.Jharkhand.
  • 2003: Ambassador of Punjabi Culture Award by Chief Minister Babulal Marandi of
  • 2002: Best Director Award by Michael Cullen, Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand.
  • 2001: Award of Honour by the Society for Advancement of Academics, Sports & Cultural Activities (SAASCA) of Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.

Ravinder Singh Ranguwal’s dedication to preserving and promoting Punjabi culture worldwide is truly commendable. His multifaceted contributions continue to inspire and enrich the global Punjabi community.