My Mother My God
“No matter your age, you will always need your mom.”

Dr. Ranjit Singh Dhaliwal
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My Wife My Strength
“No man succeeds without a good woman behind him. Wife or mother, if it is both, he is twice blessed indeed.

Building Cultural Bridges since 1998 – Singh Digital Media House

Since its inception in 1998, Singh Digital Media House (SDMH) has been a pioneer in organizing a myriad of cultural events and programs across Sweden and Europe. These events serve not only as a platform for contestants to explore the esteemed entertainment industries of Punjab and Bollywood but also as a conduit for promoting the rich tapestry of Indian and Punjabi heritage and values. In 1st 2024, we proudly celebrated our 91st event, India 0 km, marking another milestone in our journey of fostering cultural exchange and celebration, exemplifying one of the largest Indian Food & Culture Festivals in the region.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our international event, SISBC (Singh International Solo Bhangra Competition), scheduled for June 15, 2024. Additionally, we are excited to introduce one of our most popular pageants, Pair of the Year, in Punjab, India, this year.

At SDMH, our mission is centered on bridging diverse cultures through artistry, creativity, and cultural endeavors. Through iconic events like Miss & Mrs. Europe Punjaban-Beauty with Traditions, Miss and Mrs. India Europe-Beauty with Traditions, Pair of the Year, India 0 km, and Europe’s Got Indian Talent, we strive to cultivate a deeper understanding and reverence for our Indian roots within a global context.

We take immense pride in providing a nurturing platform for those distanced from their homeland, encouraging them to embrace and cherish Indian art and culture. Our esteemed founder, Ranjit Singh Dhaliwal, has been honored for his exemplary social and cultural contributions, receiving an esteemed Doctorate degree from IIU University & Sawarn Bharat Parivaar in New Delhi, India in 2022.

As we progress, we continue to refine our vision and expand our horizons. Through innovative approaches, we have united countless individuals, fostering intellectual, traditional, cultural, and personal connections among communities. Our ultimate aspiration is to foster collective development and prosperity across diverse cultures.

Looking ahead, we remain steadfast in our commitment to organizing a spectrum of events, workshops, exhibitions, and initiatives that deepen our connection with our audience. Through the unifying power of cultural activities, we aspire to construct enduring bridges and pave the path for a more harmonious and interconnected world.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who have joined us on this remarkable journey of celebrating and promoting the beauty of Punjabi and Indian culture in Europe. As we embrace the future with unwavering dedication, we eagerly anticipate the continued growth and enrichment of our shared cultural heritage.