Miss & Mrs Europe Punjaban UK 2024

ORGAANIZED BY: SINGH DIGITAL MEDIA HOUSE(SDMH) & Pawandeep Kaur in Association with Satpal Singh Gill.

“Pageant winner! You’ll receive a certificate, trophy, gift vouchers, sponsor gifts, and a recommendation letter for the entertainment industry. As brand Ambassador of MEP, you’ll promote the pageant and title. Remember, failure to do so may result in losing the title, crown, and sash.”

Who can participate

  • “Miss and Mrs. Europe Punjaban Pageant – Celebrating Inner Beauty and Talent!”
  • Are you a woman of Punjabi origin, aged 18 to 28 and single? Or a married woman between 18 to 51 years old? Regardless of your birthplace, country, religion, figure, or size, we are here to celebrate your inner beauty and talent!
  • Join us for the Miss Europe Punjaban and Mrs. Europe Punjaban pageants, where we judge contestants solely based on their inner beauty and skills.
  • To be eligible, contestants must have resided in a European country for at least six months before participating. Make sure to provide the necessary documentation to meet the requirements.
  • THE GRAND FINALE will take place in Sweden in 2025. The UK winner will proceed directly to the Grand Finale, where you’ll receive grooming, workshops, and guidance from world-class dance masters and teachers before the Grand Finale.
  • Auditions registration is now open! Press the registration button and seize this opportunity to fulfill your dreams and showcase your unique talent to the world. Because a woman is more than just a woman. Stay tuned for more updates before the Grand Finale!

MEP-Audition Fee

Miss: 55Euro. (18 to 28)
Mrs: 75Euro. (18 to 51)

Miss & Mr. Europe Punjaban UK 2024 Registration Open Now.

Eligibility Requirements

  • “Application Requirements for the Uk Finale”
  • Dear Applicant,
  • After completing online registration and paying the participation fee, you will receive an entry form for auditions and the finale.
  • Please submit the following documents:
  • A full-size photograph of the applicant (postcard size).
  • A photocopy of any certificate achieved in state-level competitions (if available).
  • A performance video (if available).
  • Entry Fee Payment: Please note that there is an entry fee for participation, which can be conveniently paid through PayPal, and its No refundable

Miss & Mrs. Europe Punjaban UK Finale-2024

Dear Participants,

The UK Finale will take place in Bradford on 2nd November 2024.

Important Notice to Participants

Dear Participants,

As you complete the entry form for the Miss & Mrs. Europe Punjaban UK talent show, we kindly request your attention to an essential requirement. Please ensure that you tick the box “I AGREE” on the entry form.

By ticking the “I AGREE”, you confirm that all personal information provided during the application process is willingly given and shared with the SDMH & MEP team for the sole purpose of participating in the talent show.

Rest assured that we will handle your personal information with utmost care and in accordance with all relevant data protection regulations.

Thank you for your cooperation, and we are excited to welcome you to the talent show!