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Published on: Dec 17, 2023 - 03:56:01


Folk Maestro “Sikky Jhajji Pind Wala” Receives International Acclaim for Cultural Contribution – Sikky is Known for his unwavering work ethic and charismatic social persona, Sikky has become a household name in the Punjabi music scene. His songs are not just musical compositions, but powerful messages deeply rooted in Punjabi culture. Sikky has penned numerous unforgettable tunes that have been brought to life by renowned Punjabi singers.
Among his recorded masterpieces are tracks such as “Pardes” by Jeet Khan, “Sachiyan Gallan” by Gurmeet Meet, “Nahiun Uchi Bolda” by Mandeep Kaur Machhiwara, “Shaheed” by Jeet Khan, “Mata Gujari De Pote” by Jasvir Singh Cooner from the UK, “Chevaan Dariya” and “Bille Nain” by Babla Dhuri, “Vichore Wali Agg” by Gurbaksh Shonki, and “Mehntaan” by Gurmeet Meet.
Sikky’s exceptional talent has not gone unnoticed, and he has received special honors at prestigious events, including the Saunki Mela in Italy (2015), Punjab Bhawan in Surrey, Canada (2019), Sahitya Sur Sangam Sabha (2022), and GR Nordic Events in Denmark (2022).
Sikky Jhajji Pind Wala has emerged as a key figure associated with Singh Digital Media House. Not just a maestro in the realm of Punjabi music, Sikky has proven to be a dedicated supporter, consistently lending his talent and expertise to enhance the cultural landscape.


In a remarkable tale of talent and cultural pride, Jhajji village’s very own songwriter, Sikky, has garnered global recognition for his outstanding contributions to Punjabi music and culture. Sikky, also known as Sikky Jhajji Pind Wala, is not just a talented artist but also serves as the Press Secretary for the Sahitya Sur Sangam Sabha in Italy and works as a correspondent for Five Rivers in Scotland.

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