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Estd. 1998
Published on: Jan 23, 2024 - 01:15:20

National Director Austria


Early Years in Austria: Iqbal Khela embarked on her Austrian journey in 1995, bringing with her the vibrant spirit of Indian and Punjabi culture. Little did the Alpine nation know that it was about to witness the rise of a cultural icon who would reshape the landscape of events and celebrations.

Pioneering Women’s Empowerment: In 2017, Iqbal’s visionary spirit led her to establish the first-ever women’s organization in Austria. This groundbreaking move set the stage for a series of empowering events that celebrated the resilience and creativity of women. The inaugural women-only event in 2017 became a milestone, creating a nurturing platform for women to showcase their talents and unite under a common cultural banner.

Awaaz Punjab Di: The Heartbeat of Punjabi Culture in Austria: Teaming up with her husband, Iqbal Khela took a bold step in 2018 by launching Awaaz Punjab Di, the first Punjabi radio station in Austria. This marked a turning point in bringing the soulful rhythms of Punjabi music, news, and culture to the Austrian airwaves. Iqbal’s keen eye for cultural events turned the radio channel into a beacon for Punjabi communities across Europe.

Vienna’s Cultural Maestro: Iqbal Khela’s love for Punjabi traditions translated into a vibrant array of cultural events in Vienna, Austria. From the energetic festivities of Lohri to the harvest celebrations of Baisakhi, and the riotous colors of Holi, she orchestrated events that became an integral part of Vienna’s cultural calendar. Her dedication faced challenges, yet she emerged as a stalwart defender of her culture, overcoming obstacles with grace and determination.

International Recognition: In 2017, Sweden acknowledged Iqbal’s extraordinary contributions by conferring upon her the title of Women Hero. This prestigious award recognized her tireless efforts in promoting Punjabi culture across European countries and providing a platform for talented women.

The following year, the Punjab Youth Organization in Italy lauded Iqbal Khela for her exceptional coverage of their festival, broadcasted live through Awaaz Punjab Di. Her ability to bring cultural events to life through her radio channel further solidified her reputation as a cultural influencer.

Crowning Achievements: National Director for Miss & Mrs. Europe Punjaban Austria: Singh Digital Media House, recognizing Iqbal’s unwavering dedication and significant impact on preserving Punjabi culture, recently bestowed upon her the role of National Director for Miss & Mrs. Europe Punjaban Austria. Now at the helm, she is orchestrating the grand finale, continuing her legacy of championing the representation of Punjabi culture on a prestigious European stage.

Ms Iqbal Khela Austria

🎉 A CULTURAL POWERHOUSE – IQBAL KHELA 🎉 Iqbal Khela’s journey is a testament to the strength that lies in preserving one’s cultural heritage. Her unwavering spirit continues to inspire, making her one of the biggest names in Austria as an organizer and cultural promoter. As Iqbal Khela continues to break barriers and transcend cultural boundaries, her journey remains a beacon of inspiration. Her story is one of resilience, empowerment, and a relentless commitment to preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage she holds dear.