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Estd. 1998
Published on: Feb 08, 2024 - 12:46:38

Miss & Mrs. Europe Punjaban Finale Austria 2024.

 Europe – 09/02/2024

Singh Digital Media House and Awaaz Austria di Radio collaborated to organize the prestigious Miss & Mrs. Europe Punjaban Finale 2024 in Vienna, Austria on February 2, 2024.

Iqbal Khela, the National Director of Singh Digital Media House, and her dedicated team worked tirelessly to bring this event to life. Participants from across Austria engaged in a spirited competition, and after a challenging contest, Miss Kran Banwait emerged as the winner, earning the title of the first-ever Miss Europe Punjaban Austria 2024. Mrs. Vandhna Sharma claimed the Mrs. title, securing the coveted Mrs. crown.

Mr. Sarabjeet Singh Dhak, the Managing Director who hosted the Austrian pageant, highlighted that online auditions were conducted throughout Europe for Miss and Mrs. Europe Punjaban 2024. Following the Austrian event, the journey continues, with the next destination being Belgium on March 30. The Grand Finale is set to take place in Italy on April 21, where winners from various European countries will compete and showcase their talents for the Miss & Mrs. Europe Punjaban 2024 crowns.

This pageant, deeply rooted in Punjabi culture and traditions, aims to promote and empower women, providing them with a substantial platform to exhibit their talents. The objective is to encourage participants to pursue careers in acting, modeling, or singing, aligning with their individual strengths and aspirations within the entertainment industry

The Miss & Mrs. Europe Punjaban pageant is a celebration that goes beyond outer beauty, placing a spotlight on the extraordinary talents each participant brings to the stage. This unique competition seamlessly blends grace, intellect, and cultural pride, all rooted in the essence of Punjabi heritage.

In this pageant, participants not only showcase their physical allure but also present their skills, redefining beauty standards by emphasizing inner strength and talent. The platform serves as a stage for women to express themselves artistically, whether through dance, singing, or other forms of creative expression.

More than just a beauty contest, Miss & Mrs. Europe Punjaban is a celebration of diversity and the rich tapestry of talents that make each contestant a unique ambassador of their culture. Beyond the runway, the pageant seeks to empower women, encouraging them to embrace their skills and passions.

With the mantra of “Beauty with Talent,” contestants radiate confidence, intelligence, and cultural pride, embodying the spirit of Punjabi heritage. The pageant aims to redefine conventional beauty norms, highlighting the multifaceted nature of women who excel not just in appearance but also in their individual talents.

Winners Mrs. & Miss Title

Mrs. Vandhna Sharma has been residing in Austria with her family for the past few years and has deep ties to our vibrant Punjabi culture. She expresses her gratitude to the organizers, acknowledging that the platform provided by Singh Digital Media House isn’t limited to just Miss participants; it also offers a chance for Mrs. contestants to showcase their talents.


Miss Kiran Banwait, residing in the European country of Austria, aspires to become a Punjabi cultural ambassador and is passionately involved in this pursuit. Actively participating in various activities, she consistently promotes our rich culture whenever the opportunity arises.

We, at Singh Digital Media House, extend our heartfelt best wishes to all the winners as they embark on the Grand Finale in Italy on April 21 at King Palace Cremona, organized by Rinku Saini and his dedicated team. May their journey be filled with success and cultural celebration.