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Estd. 1998
Published on: Dec 16, 2023 - 02:50:51


Singh Digital Media House has named Baldev Singh Burre Jattan as the Media Director for the upcoming Miss & Mrs. Europe Punjaban Grand Finale 2024. A distinguished senior journalist in Italy associated with Ajit Punjabi newspaper, Baldev brings a wealth of experience to this pivotal role.

Baldev has been a dedicated supporter of Singh Digital Media since 2012, showcasing his commitment to promoting the organization’s values. Known for his social and amiable nature, he has actively contributed to preserving and promoting cultural richness in Europe. His appointment signifies a strategic move to enhance media coverage for the grand finale, leveraging.

Baldev’s extensive experience and connections. As preparations intensify for the event, Baldev Singh Burre Jattan’s role is expected to bring a fresh perspective and elevate the overall media representation, solidifying Singh Digital Media House’s standing as a key influencer in cultural representation across Italy.

He is known social worker and organizer in Italy, He judged the Miss Europe Punjaban 2012, Miss India Europe 2015,Miss India Europe 2017, and Miss & Mrs. Europe Punjaban 2022 in Denmark.


Baldev is appointed as Media Director for Europe by Singh Digital Media House for Miss & Mrs. Europe Punjaban 2024.

Miss & Mrs. Europe Punjaban Grand Finale will be held in Italy on 21st April 2024 at King Place-Cremona, Italy.

“Miss & Mrs Europe Punjaban: Bridging Beauty and Tradition” -Miss & Mrs Europe Punjaban, a unique beauty pageant, seamlessly blends modern beauty with the rich traditions of Punjab, creating a platform that celebrates both.

Punjabi Heritage Showcase: Contestants proudly display their Punjabi heritage through vibrant traditional attire, showcasing the lively spirit and warmth of Punjab.

Traditional Talents Shine: Emphasizing traditional talents, contestants perform Punjabi folk dances, such as Bhangra and Giddha, adding a unique cultural flavor to the event.