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Estd. 1998
Published on: Mar 21, 2024 - 05:42:49

Heer From Denmark

Anita Lerche, hailed as one of the most captivating voices in the global music scene, has continuously mesmerized audiences with her unparalleled talent and unwavering passion for music. With each performance, Lerche not only showcases her remarkable vocal prowess but also serves as a cultural ambassador, bridging the gap between diverse musical traditions and enchanting listeners with the richness of Punjabi music.

Born and raised in Denmark, Lerche’s musical journey took a transformative turn when she embraced Punjabi music and released her album “Heer from Denmark”, becoming the first non-Asian woman from the West to do so. This pivotal decision not only shaped her career but also ignited a profound love affair with Punjabi culture and its vibrant musical heritage. Infusing her performances with the infectious rhythms and soulful melodies of Punjabi folk songs, Lerche effortlessly captures the essence of this dynamic musical genre, captivating audiences with her authenticity and heartfelt renditions.

In her early years, Lerche’s singing career was focused on especially musical theatre on stages in the UK and Denmark, and in 2005 she released her debut solo album “I Love A Piano”. Lerche developed her voice in the Danish National Girls’ Choir, and trained for many years as a classical singer, while taking her formal degree at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in London.

It was a trekking vacation to India that introduced Lerche to a whole new world of music. In Punjab she was offered a record contract and decided to stay back. Punjab became her second home for nearly a decade before she moved to the US, where she is now settled with her husband and son. Over the years, Lerche has sung in 16 different languages and continuously traveled the world, performing, and promoting especially Punjabi language, culture, and music. Her deep passion is to spread happiness and love, uniting all people across borders, cultures, and religions and bringing East and West closer together through her singing.

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New Single & Music Video out now!

Winner of Global Music Awards 2023 for ‘Outstanding Achievement as Female Vocalist

Winner of Clouzine International Music Awards 2023 for ‘Best Music Video’

Nominee of UK Bhangra Awards 2023 for ‘Best International Artist’

Anita´s Music Box…



Photo: HENRIK LÜTHCKE (Herlev Bladet)

Lerche’s deep appreciation for Punjabi music is evident in every note she sings, as she seamlessly blends traditional Punjabi melodies with contemporary influences, creating a harmonious fusion that transcends cultural boundaries. From the lively beats of Bhangra to the soul-stirring strains of Sufi music, Lerche’s repertoire reflects the diverse tapestry of Punjabi music, celebrating its rich history and timeless appeal.

Lerche’s song “Aao Ji” became so popular that from parties to Bollywood, everyone was singing “Aao Ji, Jee Aayan nu,” which means “welcome” in Punjabi. The famous dhol king Mr. Mall, who also wrote the song together with Devraj Jassal, danced beautifully with Lerche in Denmark’s streets, making the video one of the top hits of that year.

Her song “De De Passport Mera” (“Passport”) showed us the bubbly side of Lerche, and the track started ranking in the top ten. Mostly, lovers sang and made videos with that track.

Lerche’s love for music and her special connection with Punjabi culture has made her very popular in the Punjabi world. Every Punjabi around the world knows who Heer from Denmark is. Her influence transcends borders, bringing joy and celebration to audiences far and wide.

In her latest musical endeavor, “Songs from the Kingdom of Denmark,” Lerche pays homage to her Danish roots and the wealth of Danish musical heritage. Lerche has been recognized and honored with an Award of Excellence, Gold Medal, as a Female Vocalist by Global Music Awards. Sung in her native Danish tongue, this collection of beloved Danish songs from the 18th and 19th centuries serves as a testament to Lerche’s versatility as an artist, showcasing her ability to seamlessly transition between different musical genres while staying true to her cultural heritage.

Beyond her musical achievements, Lerche is also celebrated for her philanthropic efforts, using her platform to raise awareness for various social causes and champion initiatives aimed at creating positive change in the world. Her collaboration with the Embassy of India in Copenhagen, particularly in commemorating the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, underscores her commitment to using music as a powerful tool for promoting unity and understanding across cultures.

As Lerche continues to enchant audiences with her soul-stirring performances and unwavering dedication to her craft, her impact on the world of music remains unparalleled. With each melodious note, she not only pays homage to her Danish roots and her love for Punjabi music but also leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of listeners worldwide, reaffirming her status as a true luminary in the realm of music.

Learn more: www.AnitaLerche.com and be sure to follow Anita Lerche on social media.








Anita & Ranjit Singh Dhaliwal

Mr. Ranjit Singh Dhaliwal founder of Singh Digital Media House posing with Anita´s new Album with Anita in Denmark

Honors & Awards

  • AWARD OF EXCELLENCE, FEMALE VOCALIST – Songs from the Kingdom of Denmark (Gold Medal, Global Music Awards), 2024
  • BEST INTERNATIONAL ARTIST (nomination, UK Bhangra Awards), 2023
  • BEST WORLD ARTIST OF THE YEAR (nomination, The Josie Music Awards), 2023
  • BEST MUSIC VIDEO – Mil Mere Pritma Jiyo (Clouzine International Music Awards), 2023
  • OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT, FEMALE VOCALIST – Mil Mere Pritma Jiyo (Global Music Awards), 2023
  • BEST INTERNATIONAL ARTIST (nomination, UK Bhangra Awards), 2022
  • OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT, FEMALE VOCALIST – Simran (Global Music Awards), 2022
  • BEST INTERNATIONAL ARTIST (nomination, UK Bhangra Awards), 2021
  • OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT, FEMALE VOCALIST – Love Is My Religion (Global Music Awards), 2020SPECIAL CONTRIBUTION AWARD (UK Bhangra Awards), 2019
  • Honored as “AKTION BØRNEHJÆLP AMBASSADOR” (Action Child Aid Ambassador), 2018
  • BEST INTERNATIONAL ARTIST (UK Bhangra Awards), 2017
  • KHALSA LIBRARY SOCIETY (Surrey, Canada), Honor Award, 2017
  • Sukhi Bath Foundation (honored), 2017
  • Appreciation Award from Punjabi Cultural Society of Chicago, 2017
  • Honored as “CHRISTEL HOUSE AMBASSADOR” by Christel DeHaan and Christel House International, 2016
  • ONE WORLD MUSIC AWARDS, nominated with “Bhajans” for “Best World/Global Fusion Album of 2016”
  • Greater Indianapolis Telegu Association (honored), 2016
  • Punjabi Cultural & Welfare Association (PCWA), Navi Mumbai, honored for service to humanity and Punjabis worldwide, 2014
  • Indy Legends Cricket Club (honored), 2014
  • GLOBAL PUNJABI SOCIETY AWARD, Conspicuous Singer, 2013
  • DANISH MUSIC AWARDS WORLD, nomination for World Track of the Year with “Sadke Punjab Ton, 2013
  • Honored by National TV Channel DD Punjabi (India), 2013
  • ROOH-E-PUNJAB AWARD (The Soul of Punjab), International Cultural Society (Redg.) Shamchurasi, 2013
  • AMBASSADOR FOR PEACE, by Universal Peace Federation & Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace, 2012
  • INTERNATIONAL AMBASSADOR FOR MULTICULTURALISM, honored by Indian Australian Dancing Star, 2012
  • CULTURAL AMBASSADOR FOR WOMEN GLOBALLY, honored by Global Women’s Network, Sydney, 2012
  • APPRECIATION AWARD, from NamCanada (Mississauga), Pakistan Independence Day, 2012
  • Honored by the Chief Minister of Punjab during the State Level Shiromani Sahit Award Ceremony, organized by Punjab Language Department at Punjab Bhaven Chandigarh, 2012
  • POPULAR MULTILINGUIST SINGER AWARD, by Prof. Mohan Singh Foundation, Nabha, 2012
  • ROTARY STAR AWARD, from Rotary Club Jalandhar West, 2012
  • CULTURAL REPRESENTATIVE, honored by Punjab Kesari Group, 2012
  • CULTURAL AMBASSADOR BETWEEN INDIA & DENMARK, honored by Indian Ambassador of Denmark, Mr. Ashok Kumar Attri, 2011
  • PRIDE OF THE INDIANS AWARD, from Indian Cultural Society Denmark, 2010
  • DANISH MUSIC AWARDS WORLD, for World Track of The Year with “Maahiya,” 2009
  • BEST NRI FEMALE DEBUT, Limca Punjabi Music Awards – Music Channel MH1, 2007
  • SITA MATA AWARD, from New Dharmik Utsav Sabha (Jalandhar) for singing Hindi Bhajans, 2007
  • PUNJABI UNIVERSITY, Patiala, honored for her grand work for Punjabi Language and Culture, 2006
  • GOLD RECORD (25,000 CDs sold), Danish Eurovision song contest (compilation CD including the duet song “Mit hjerte det banker,” sung by Anita Lerche and Simon Munk, 2001
  • PLATINUM RECORD (50,000 CDs sold), Danish Eurovision song contest (compilation CD including the duet song “Mit hjerte det banker,” sung by Anita Lerche and Simon Munk, 200

Voice Acting (Dubbing into Danish)

On top of Anita’s experience in musical theater and the recording world, she has worked as a voice actor for Disney, Pixar, and a Barbie books series. While she was working as a freelancer, Anita took many classes on singing, dancing, and acting, including a short class on dubbing. Soon she was recruited by Danish actor and producer Lars Thiesgaard to dub a Barbie books series into Danish. Later, she appeared in the second and third Toy Story movies as well as Planes.

  • CARS 3, as Sweet Tea and Commercial Narrator, 2017
  • PLANES, as Ishani, 2013
  • TOY STORY 3, as Barbie, 2010
  • TOY STORY 2, as Tour Guide Barbie, 1999
  • BARBIE OG UNDULATEN (Audiobook), as Barbie, 1998
  • BARBIE PAA SYDHAVSOEN (Audiobook), as Barbie, 1997