India 0 km

INDIA 0 KM – Indian Food & Culture Festival (born in 2023)

“Singh Digital Media House proudly celebrated its 70th event since 1998 with a captivating new festival, ‘India 0 km – An Indian Food & Culture Festival.’ This remarkable event was a grand showcase of India’s rich cultural heritage, vibrant traditions, exquisite handicrafts, and authentic Indian cuisine.

On the 10th of June 2023, the gates opened at 11:00 am, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in one of the most extraordinary Indian food and culture festivals in Sweden’s history. A spectacular lineup of 184 talented artists took the stage, captivating the audience with enthralling performances that beautifully represented the diverse cultural tapestry of India. From mesmerizing acts from North India to soul-stirring performances from South India, every corner of the country’s cultural mosaic was brought to life, leaving the audience in awe.

Throughout the day, the air was filled with laughter, joy, and the tantalizing aroma of authentic Indian delicacies. From tantalizing street food delights to sumptuous traditional dishes, the festival offered an unforgettable culinary journey through India’s diverse flavors. Visitors savored every bite, indulging in the rich culinary heritage that India has to offer.

In a heartfelt address to the public, Ranjit Singh Dhaliwal, the founder and chairman, shared the profound inspiration behind the festival’s name, ‘India 0 km.’ He expressed his vision of bringing India’s rich culture to the heart of Sweden, creating a cultural crossroads where people could experience the essence of India without traveling thousands of miles. The overwhelming response from the crowd affirmed that the name ‘India 0 km’ perfectly encapsulated the spirit of the event.

With over 8000 visitors in attendance, the festival exuded an atmosphere of warmth and camaraderie, as people from various backgrounds came together to celebrate the beauty of Indian culture. ‘India 0 km – An Indian Food & Culture Festival’ will continue to be an annual extravaganza, organized with utmost passion and dedication by Singh Digital Media House.

The resounding success of the festival has left an indelible mark, promising to be a cherished highlight on Sweden’s cultural calendar for years to come.”