India 0 KM – Food & Culture Festival

Thank you for your interest and support in the India 0km Food & Culture Festival. We appreciate your enthusiasm for promoting the rich tapestry of Indian cuisine and culture in Sweden. To ensure a seamless registration process, kindly fill in all the required information accurately. Once you have completed your registration, we will promptly send a confirmation email to you, confirming your participation in the festival.

This festival serves as a platform to showcase the diverse flavors, traditions, and heritage of Indian food and culture, creating a vibrant celebration of our shared global community. We look forward to your active involvement in making this event a resounding success and fostering cultural exchange and appreciation.

By participating in the India 0km-Food & Culture Festival, you contribute to the cross-cultural dialogue and understanding, creating lasting connections between the Indian and Swedish communities. Your support is instrumental in making this event a memorable and enriching experience for everyone involved.

Thank you once again for your dedication to promoting cultural diversity and fostering positive connections between India and Sweden. We eagerly anticipate your registration and look forward to sharing the joy of Indian food and culture with the vibrant community in Sweden.