Jay Kahlon


Jay Kahlon was born in Punjab. He later moved to Sweden but the fragrance of his motherland remained with him and infused in him the passion to sing in his mother tongue.
His inspiration came from his maternal grandmother who would sing in a mellifluous voice as the young Jay listened to her and later on his mother took the baton.

No wonder that Jay got interest in singing at very early age and during his teen years started paying attention towards it. He took his classical singing training from Late Sh. Ishwar Das Pathak who gave him a strong Foundation.

As he shifted to Stockholm, Sweden, he started singing and acting in the school itself and graduated in music and acting. He also did theatre during functions etc. He also continued his education in Punjabi so that he does not lose his touch with his mother tongue. To continue his education in music, he traveled to India after 2-3 months.
He along with others started Punjabi cultural festival celebrations in 2010 and started performing in the same. This celebration was focused totally on Punjabi culture. The same function celebrated in 2012 was very popular. Jaswinder Singh Kahlon spearheaded the whole function.

Jay got his first break in a Hollywood movie ‘Zero Dark 30’ as an actor and it was released in December. Darshan Aulakh was instrumental in getting the role without any audition. The American team and unit had a different way of working and it was a very learning experience. It’s quite obvious that such opportunities will keep coming to him given his versatility and talent.

He has the aim in life to pursue Punjabi singing with a touch classical singing and never to forget one’s ancestral Culture.

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